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Team Spaces

  • Always-on end-to-end browser encryption
  • Excellent access control down to the document level
  • Easy drag-n-drop movement of files, including entire folders
  • Decent notification mechanism using e-mail and/or a real-time client
  • Easily modified to include external team members from other companies
  • Includes a secure IM client for convenient intra- and inter-company IM

Company site: EMC eRoom


Groove is a Microsoft product that integrates very well with SharePoint. It can be a standalone-team space, or act as a bridge between two SharePoint team spaces located in different companies.

It’s always-on strong encryption is so good the US Defense department uses it for battlefield information sharing. Its biggest drawback is that it is a very heavy client application that everyone on the team must install and learn. Here are a few key features:

  • Always-on end-to-end very strong encryption of every bit of communications between end points
  • Excellent mechanism for connecting together anyone, anywhere
  • Familiar Windows application interface with easy drag-n-drop file and folder movement
  • Many included tools such as whiteboard, notepad, lists, folders, instant messaging, etc.
  • Voice messaging and real-time voice capability
  • Enterprise administration server option allows for more secure control over content and user access throughout the system

Company site: Microsoft Groove

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  1. Justin Chen:

    For really simple and cheap file sharing, you should check out Dropbox:

    On the mac, there’s some nice seamless integration so you can just drag files to a local folder and have it replicated to folders shared with your teammates. I think the first few gigs are free.

  2. admin:

    I think the technology in Groove (now part of Microsoft Office) is very cool. It is OOB secure with strong encryption, and it works peer-to-peer, with no need or concern about data store on servers anywhere. The only problem, you still need a relay server someplace that someone has to pay for. But, the concept was really neat.

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