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Telecommute Resumes

images4Until today I had never heard of a “telecommute resume,” but Employment Digest has some tips for building one. While their advice is worth a look, I think they’re addressing how to build a resume to win any great job in a competitive global market. They’ve left out the one thing that might add value to resume aimed specifically at a telecommuting position.

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A Bit of Good News

images3This article from Management Issues, a great blog focused on the British workplace, predicts what the working world will look like in 2018. Not only do they predict working from anywhere, but they also expect more collaboration particularly using social media, remote conferencing, email, and texting.  Need a sunshine break from the 2009 gloom? Take a look.

A Tax Break?

images2 A New York Times article on mass transit prompted this interesting letter (link requires a New York Times account.) The writer, Nicole Belson Goluboff,  proposes that “The most efficient and most advanced ways for Americans to travel include telecommuting, as well as mass transit, and President-elect Barack Obama should make this alternative a priority, too. Tax credits should be available both to employers and to workers who embrace this option, and to companies that offer broadband access where it has been absent or inadequate.”

What a great way to reduce pollution and fossil fuel consumption as well as to encourage employers to reduce costly office space and fuel costs for their employees!  I don’t suppose it’s time to hold my breath yet, but wouldn’t that be a good fit in an energy program?

It'll Never Work

“If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Is your company telecommute-ready? Listen to people talk:

“You have to be face-to-face to do business.”

“Strong teams have to be co-located.”

“A good business relationship begins with a handshake.”

“You can’t hide behind all that email stuff. You have to be there.”

Sure, telecommuting saves employees money. It saves employers business travel costs and some of the costs of providing office space. It reduces pollution. It saves commute time, which employees most commonly use to do more work. It improves work/life balance, employee satisfaction, and retention.

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