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Knowledge Management for Virtual (and non-virtual) Teams

Properly managed project documentation is critical for all types and sizes of projects.  After all, the project documentation is the only real output from most projects. It is not the prototype that matters.  It is the production documentation that includes things such as material lists, part drawings, assembly instructions, diagnostics, and source code that defines our products and services.  I’m sure this is nothing profound to any of you.  However, what you may not realize is that making it easy for everyone to find the latest version of a given document is especially important for virtual teams.  Virtual teams often consist of people from different time zones or who work different schedules (i.e., a four-day week).  As such, these teams rely more heavily on online sources of documentation throughout their work week.  If they struggle to find the latest documentation on some aspect of the project that affects them, they’ll waste time sending e-mails, calling around or worse still, end up using an outdated version by mistake. Continue reading