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A Great Time to Practice Telecommuting

We are a week away to a possible BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) strike in the San Francisco area…again. If your people can’t get to work, what will you do? Your competition elsewhere in the world is not encumbered by … Continue reading

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It's Times Like These…

It is times like these that I wonder why it is that virtual teams and telecommuting are not a standard part of every company’s business continuity plans or, better still, part of the core of the way of doing business. … Continue reading

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Beating Loneliness

Workforce Management today shares a couple of interesting ways for teleworkers to beat cabin fever. After all, spending every day working from home leaves many people feeling as though they’re gathering dust. Jellies are small groups of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and … Continue reading

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Oh Baby

Ask a Manager – one of my favorite blogs – has a pointer to this New York Times blog article about bringing babies to work. Not for a quick trip through the office to let everyone see the new addition … Continue reading

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What he said

From the good folks at Lifehacker – who have all the great ideas for productivity in work and life – a pointer to this great Wired article about the effectiveness of telecommuting, including statistics from several research studies. Worth a … Continue reading

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Virtual Assistant: Hire One, Be One is talking about them. Employment Digest is talking about them. Tim Ferris, the productivity wizard of The 4-hour Workweek, recommends them, saying that “every facet of your life can be outsourced.” An entrepreneur can avoid hiring an extra employee … Continue reading

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Two great uses for SR

I have found two great uses of speech recognition for telecommuters. But, before I tell you what they are, I’d like to give you some background on my experience with speech recognition software. My SR Learning Experience My typing speed … Continue reading

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Telecommuting in the Office

Think no one is telecommuting because everyone’s present in the office? Think again. Listen to the office chatter. Workers with cell phones, browsers, and iPods are balancing work and life from the workplace. “Seven fifty? In mint condition? Oh. Then … Continue reading

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Everybody's Talking

Lindsay Blakely at BNET interviews Tammy Erickson of Harvard Business blog here about doing away with outdated time-based management by enacting a Results Only Working Environment. While ROWE can be used effectively by in-office workers, such a results-based performance measurement … Continue reading

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