In this section we provide basic resources for getting started as a telecommuter or virtual team member. Some of the material is written for each specifically and some works for either one, so explore as you need for your specific needs.

Whether you are new to telecommuting and would like help getting started or you are already a seasoned telecommuter and would like assistance improving your effectiveness, here are your options on this site:

  • Prerequisites and Getting Started&#8212Review the material in our prerequisites and getting started pages to see if your issues are covered
  • Tips and Tools&#8212Scan our tips and tools pages for some great ideas on improving your communicating and sharing skills with others
  • FAQs&#8212Scan our FAQ pages for short answers to the easy questions
  • Training&#8212Review our training page for the sorts of virtual training we can deliver to your team
  • Consulting&#8212For more intensive and personalized help with telecommuting issues, any of our authors are available for consultation
  • Read what others have to say in the comments following any of our topics or blog entries

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