If you or your team wouild like more personalized assistance getting started with telecommuting or virtual teams, many of our authors would be pleased to provide consulting time on any topic invovling virtual work. We have extensive experience and have lived through and learned to adapt to all the usual growth pains of virtual teams and telecommuters. Here are some ideas of the kinds of consulting work we can do:

  • Establishing a corporate telecommuting policy and program
  • Setting up a virtual team
  • Establishing a culture of virtual work in a traditional office-based company
  • Addressing project performance problems in virtual teams

In some cases, consultations can be done virtually, with information shared and brainstorming done using electronic technologies. However, in-person consultations can be arranged and may be needed if virtual work is not yet a comfortable medium for those who need to participate. To arrange for some consulting time, please contact our consulting coordinator at

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