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Hybrid Meetings

images1What is a hybrid meeting? It’s a term coined by Commute Zero author Carol to refer to a meeting in which some attendees are face to face in a conference room and others attend remotely, either from home or from an office or from another conference room. Hybrid meetings present some special challenges, not just technical problems (flat-sounding speaker phones) but also cultural issues .

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Multi-Tasking in Project Meetings

In my many years in the technology industry, I’ve spent thousands of hours in meetings, most of them as boring as all get-out. During this time I’ve seen many interesting changes. I’ve seen meeting presentation technology evolve from flip charts and story boards, to overheads, to video projectors, and most recently, to laptops in front of each participant. I’ve seen virtual meetings evolve from a rarity to a common occurence. But, one thing that has persisted in all the years is people not paying attention. Continue reading

Obsessed with time

After several years of full-time telecommuting, I have to admit to myself that I’ve become obsessed with time.  I find that I’ve become critical of people who want me to drive into work for a short meeting, or, worse still, fly to a half-day meeting half-way across the country.  Since I know that it is easy and perfectly productive to hold a half-day meeting virtually, I just can’t see spending time and money to travel.   Continue reading