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A Great Time to Practice Telecommuting

We are a week away to a possible BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) strike in the San Francisco area…again. If your people can’t get to work, what will you do? Your competition elsewhere in the world is not encumbered by … Continue reading

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Telecommute Resumes

Until today I had never heard of a “telecommute resume,” but Employment Digest has some tips for building one. While their advice is worth a look, I think they’re addressing how to build a resume to win any great job … Continue reading

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A Bit of Good News

This article from Management Issues, a great blog focused on the British workplace, predicts what the working world will look like in 2018. Not only do they predict working from anywhere, but they also expect more collaboration particularly using social … Continue reading

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A Tax Break?

A New York Times article on mass transit prompted this interesting letter (link requires a New York Times account.) The writer, Nicole Belson Goluboff,  proposes that “The most efficient and most advanced ways for Americans to travel include telecommuting, as … Continue reading

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Telecommuting: Going Up or Down?

Whither telecommuting? With gas over $4 and talk of the “war for talent,” business magazines said that companies previously unwilling to endorse telecommuting had found it necessary to compete for top talent.  Then the market fell, layoffs began, fuel costs … Continue reading

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Everybody's Talking

Lindsay Blakely at BNET interviews Tammy Erickson of Harvard Business blog here about doing away with outdated time-based management by enacting a Results Only Working Environment. While ROWE can be used effectively by in-office workers, such a results-based performance measurement … Continue reading

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Topless telecommuting?

What would your reaction be if you started a video connection with a telecommuting colleague at his home only to discover he was not wearing a shirt?  Well, this happened to me not too long ago.  It was hot in … Continue reading

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