Celebrating successes is a great way to build teamwork, show appreciation, energize your team, and inject some fun into the daily grind. Because celebrations aren’t for everyone (some people believe they are a waste of valuable work time), it is best to ask the team at the outset if they’d like to celebrate successes along the way. Then, when the time comes to recognize accomplishments, be creative to make them work for everyone in your virtual team. Here are a few tips on what you can do:

  • Awards and recognition&#8212This goes to those individuals or teams who accomplished the most.
  • Games&#8212are a great way to build teamwork.
  • Guests&#8212Invite someone from the top of the organization who is respected by the team and who can say something positive about the team’s work.
  • Food&#8212Coordinated deliveries of food (lunch or snacks) and/or small gifts brings a sense of face-to-face meetings to virtual teams and can be fun because it gives people a shared experience to talk about.

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