Games are a great way to build teamwork, and there are many that can be played by a virtual team. It just takes a little imagination to translate what is normally done face-to-face into what can be done within the limitations of a virtual team environment. Examples of some excellent games are:

  • Charades&#8212Using pictures drawn on an electronic whiteboard, people try to guess a word or concept. This works best if those doing the drawing have access to and experience with a graphics tablet. The closest commercially available game like this is Pictionary®.
  • Inventions&#8212Good for warming up the creative side. People draw
    Rube Goldberg
    -like contraptions to accomplish simple tasks, the more complex the better. Divide into teams of two to five that work independently, and then come back together with other teams after a fixed time (say, 30 minutes) to share their results. Again, this is best when done using a graphics tablet.
  • Match places and things to people&#8212This is a great way for teams that have only been together for a short time to get to know each other better. Each team member submits a series of pictures about some aspect of his/her life that few people know. Then, during a virtual desktop-sharing session, the leader shares the photos and asks if anyone knows whose they might be. After the correct person is guessed, that person has the option of elaboration.

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