Desktop Sharing

Recommended Tools

PC or Web-based PC-to-PC application sharing tools.

Today’s knowledge-worker spends most of his/her time manipulating data using computer-based applications. Because this work is often developed in a team environment, these people need to be able to share their work with others in real-time. Trying to describe complex ideas in words over a phone connection is cumbersome, so being able to directly point to what you mean can save hours. For this reason, a real-time desktop-sharing tool is critical to effective teamwork.

In addition to being able to share an application or an entire desktop with one or more team members, most of the desktop-sharing tools also provide a whiteboard facility. Whiteboards allow a small group of people to brainstorm, solve complex problems, sketch ideas graphically, or do anything else that would normally be done on flip-charts in a face-to-face meeting.

There are many real-time desktop sharing tools available today, and the number and quality of options is continuing to improve as suppliers of these services work to meet the growing demand for alternatives to expensive and inconvenient travel. Check out the desktop sharing tools topic for recommendations.

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