Use Your Radio Voice

old_fashion_radio_microphone_hg_wht2A friend once told me that I sounded like I was on radio when I delivered an important remote presentation. That put a smile on my face all day!

You might put on a sharp outfit to address an audience face to face and use expressive gestures to get your point across. On the phone your voice is your professional “appearance.” Does it look great or wear a sweatsuit and stare at the floor?

It’s easy to develop a remote presentation style. Listen to radio and television for the inflections, tone, and pacing that suit your personality. Then use that style in a phone conference. Listen to the questions and discussion afterward and you can tell how much difference it makes in audience interest.

For me, that’s one more advantage to remote working. Clothing never fits me quite right but in a voice conference it’s easy to be young, slim, and good looking.