Don't Pollute! Telecommute!We are happy you have discovered our CommuteZero site. We created it to share the techniques and tools that make telecommuting and other forms of virtual work productive, easier and even fun. We want to encourage the use of virtual work as a way to improve business effectiveness and productivity, save on fuel, reduce pollution, and improve the quality of our lives. What better way to be green than to leave the car in the garage or avoid that next flight? Plus, you’ll lower your stress and have more time for family and friends.

There are a good many sites on the Web today that do a decent job with telecommuting policies and checklists. Rather than repeat this material, this site focuses on the software and hardware technologies, processes and techniques that make telecommuting and virtual work more productive.

The information in this site is being written by experts who have extensive experience successfully leading virtual and traditional teams. Many have also worked as full-time telecommuters, gaining first-hand knowledge of the pros and cons of that work mode.

We hope you enjoy exploring, and benefit from, our collection of practical tips and tools to improve your virtual work or telecommuting experience.

Need More Help?

Virtual workers benefit greatly from the right mix of tools and skills plus a good deal of practice. If after reviewing the material on this site you would like additional help getting going or improving your skills, the authors would be pleased to provide training or consulting on any aspect of virtual work.

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