Here are the definitions of a few of the terms we use in this site:

  • MBWA&#8212Management by Walking Around. A term used to describe a leadership method where the project manager, department lead, or even a division head spends time periodically to wander around in the various company departments to chat casually with employees. The purpose is to get a first-hand feeling and deeper understanding of how the business is running, what problems people are having, and to provide encouragement.
  • Telecommuter&#8212Anyone who does a portion of his/her work away from a traditional office space and separate from the majority of his/her project team or workgroup. Often you will find telecommuters working in global teams whose members are not co-located.
  • Telework&#8212Any work performed by a telecommuter.
  • Virtual Team&#8212A team comprised of any number of telecommuters, virtual workers and traditional office-bound workers.
  • Virtual Worker&#8212Anyone who works separately from his/her project team, either as a telecommuter, or from a remote office space.

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